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Returning to the office: things for office managers to keep in mind

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Recently, many companies are switching their employees from working from home to onsite work . Although the pandemic has not completely ended, there are plenty of safety measures that can be taken to ensure that employees feel safe and comfortable with returning to the office.

Taking care of your employees:

  • Offer flexibility and hybrid work models — help workers transition back to the office. It may be difficult for employees to get back into the mode of coming back to the office after working remotely for such a long period.

  • Ensure that your company’s health benefit policy will cover medical and mental health needs. The pandemic has caused many families stress and anxiety due to various reasons such as the schooling situation for those with children.

  • Provide easy access to rapid testing and vaccination resources to ease the mind of employees that the office environment is free of COVID.

How to prioritize employee safety:

  • Stay updated on CDC guidelines to keep the office environment up to date with current regulations and suggestions.

  • Have a safety plan in case of COVID exposure. employee tests positive for COVID, determine who else should be tested or quarantined. Have a back up plan for each department if a COVID outbreak occurs, such as working from home for select impacted employees.

  • Plan for environment sanitization, whether it may be in house or contracted. SWA Services offers a complimentary sanitary proposal plan for businesses in the Bay Area. It is very important to sanitize areas of heavy traffic to prevent any diseases from spreading.

  • Provide masks for employee use.

It is crucial to keep work environments safe for employees to return to work. SWA offers disinfection services for work environments, as well as regular cleaning programs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today.



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