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How can we serve your industry?


SWA customizes a specific program that addresses industry needs.  Leveraging our experience, we identify the critical areas unique to your environment to promote optimum health and cleanliness.












Corporate & Technology

SWA uses industry best practices to deliver excellent service level results.  Our keen sense of quality drives us to create consistent cleaning standards that exceed our client needs and expectations.  We apply our comprehensive green cleaning methods for all accounts.  SWA’s green cleaning solution is a combination of green chemicals, innovative equipment, and proven processes.  We advocate sustainable green programs that encourage waste reduction and recycling. SWA has customizable plans available to suit your needs.

Did you know that your computer keyboard can harbor up to five times as many germs as a toilet? Including dangerous bacteria? We are here to help you attack that fact!

Critical areas include:

  • Lobby

  • Restrooms

  • Breakrooms

  • Conference rooms

  • Offices & cubicles

Government &

SWA’s principal mission is to responsibly manage the City’s public facilities for the community’s current and future generations. We enforce a strict screening and hiring process through background checks such as LiveScan clearance to ensure the upmost confidentiality in sensitive departments.

We service a variety of government facilities, such as:

  • City Hall and City Hall Annex

  • Law enforcement departments

  • Libraries

  • Parks and recreation facilities

  • Court facilities

  • Parking garages

  • Golf courses


With health and wellness as the core driving forces of any fitness establishment, SWA enhances the end-user experience through creating a clean and pleasant workout facility.  Specific cleaning techniques were developed to address wet areas such as showers, saunas, jacuzzi, etc. to prevent the development of mold and mildew.  With end-users in mind, our staff clean without interrupting workouts and observe caution while cleaning exercise equipment.

Critical areas include:

  • Lobby

  • Locker rooms

  • Community areas

  • Group exercise rooms

  • Equipment


SWA’s special attention to classroom settings, childcare centers, and cafeterias have been known to keep viruses at bay and critical areas germ free. The overall objectives of our programs are to maintain the expected useful life of the interior and exterior of school buildings. 

This objective is specifically intended to provide:

  • Facilities and equipment which greatly minimize the possibility of accidents and hazards

  • Build a quality maintenance program through effective management and efficient utilization of resources

  • Provide the best indoor air quality possible by maintaining a physical environment that supports the needs of staff, students, and visitors who utilize the school facilities

Biotechnology &

SWA exercises the highest care in delicate cleanroom environments.  Our employees are educated and perform accordingly to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or ISO compliance and standards.  As safety is one of SWA’s key emphases, our extensive and on-going training programs equip our personnel with appropriate protocols that prevent against contamination while efficiently clean and disinfect cleanrooms.

SWA has been providing our expertise in various types of cleanroom environments including:

  • Bio-pharmaceutical

  • Semiconductors/Microelectronics

  • Bio-safety

  • Chemical

  • Medical Devices

Industrial & Manufacturing

SWA specializes in warehouse and restricted areas.  Using a hybrid of state of the art equipment with green cleaning processes, our result is the ideal solution for knowing how to effectively and efficiently clean vast spaces. Clean facilities tend to be more productive, safer, and more organized; thus, culminates better employee retention with healthier and happier employees.

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