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Biotech: Tips for keeping your laboratory clean

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Keeping the laboratory clean is essential for any biotechnology company’s operations. If cleaning standards are not upheld, cross-contamination may occur and alter the outcome of any research and data. This can result in lost resources, time, however if done incorrectly it may cause many experiments to go wrong thus causing research data to be inaccurate. Depending on the type of research and work, each has different requirements for cleaning.

Labs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. While cleaning can be done in house, many biotechnology companies choose to outsource it in order to maintain consistency and provide ease of mind to workers. When cleaning is scheduled out and performed by a professional, the risk of quality issues is greatly reduced. Keep your staff members educated to prepare for the cleaning to avoid contamination and accidents. Due to the usage of biohazardous materials, work stations must be disinfected after each shift.

Knowing the safety requirements for entrance in each type of laboratory is very important. Higher level labs need more protective equipment ranging from shoe coverings to full suit up with hair cover, facial hair coverings, etc.

We recommended following this standard basic laboratory cleaning checklist. However different laboratory types may have modified checklists according to the needs.

Lab cleaning checklist:

Empty trash bins and replace liners (non hazardous)

Replace towels in towel dispensers

Replace soap in soap dispensers

Wipe down storage bins

Clean ceilings and vents with NPD solutions

Wipe all walls with NPD solution

Sweep/mop floors using NPD solution

Pre-cleaning checklist:

Keep workspace clutter free

Ensure cords are kept orderly

Purchase the correct disinfectant products

Keeping up with the sanitization of the lab ensures a safe environment. With the help of a professional, lab staff can efficiently perform accurate experiments and achieve ideal results. SWA has many years of experience with the lab environment and can provide professional sanitizing solutions. You can trust us with the cleaning and put all your focus on what you are best at, lab experiments.

Keep updated on CDC safety guidelines for labs. Contact SWA for a walk through consultation that will complement your laboratory’s special cleaning requirements.



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