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The Five Best Shoes for Janitorial Work

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Without a doubt, janitors and utility workers spend most of their time on their feet. SWA understands that proper equipment is necessary in allowing employees to perform their work as smoothly as possible. Surprisingly, most workers don’t realize that shoes are the most important ‘equipment’ they can invest in. Like any other tool, the quality of the shoes can really impact work results; but it can also directly affect an employee’s health.

Some of the short and long term issues that can arise from wearing improperly fitting shoes are: the development of calluses and blisters, constant fatigue, and back pain. The development of calluses, corn, and blisters typically result from ill-fitting shoes and while they aren’t difficult or painful, treatment to restore soft feet is often a long and tedious process. If left untreated, calluses and blisters can also eventually cause bunions which will make walking or even wearing shoes painful.

Improperly fitting shoes can also potentially affect the spine and back. According to netdoctor, the “Lumbar spinal muscle action can be exacerbated, leading to overuse with eventual stiffening and resulting in postural changes. Also, possible lumbar intervertebral disc compression (as a result of poor footwear) can lead to lower back pain.” Facility managers should be aware of what type of shoes their employees are wearing in order to reduce potential issues to their feet.

SWA review the top five shoes for janitorial and utility work using our extensive experience and knowledge of the maintenance and facility industry.

Model: Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Price: $84

Toe: Steel

Material: Leather

Sole Material: Rubber

Where to Buy From: CatFootWear or Amazon

Free Shipping: Yes

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot is the favorite of high quality utility work shoes, with an aggregate rating of 4.5 on Amazon. Don’t be fooled by the name as the shoes are actually made for both men and women. Those with wider feet can customize the shoe to fit their width. In addition to being non slip, this boot is also rated for electrical hazards and protects against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions. While these boots are on the higher end of the spectrum, the quality and craftsmanship of shoes will ensure a longer field life without compromising comfort.

Model: Condor

Price: $44.98

Toe: Leather

Material: Soft Leather

Sole Material: SFC Non Slip

Where to Buy From: ShoesForCrews

Free Shipping: No

The Condor is an great value work shoe with versatility in nearly all aspects of janitorial work. It is slip resistant, water resistant, ventilated, all while being a natural fit for most feet size. The collar and tongue of the shoe are padded, ensuring comfort through even the longest workdays. High comfort and low pricing have enabled this shoe to reach an average customer rating of 4.2. This shoe is perfect for those who working solely as a janitor. For utility work, you may want to consider the Condor’s Steel Toe Boots.

Model: Skechers Soft Stride Work Boots

Price: $40-60

Toe: Composite

Material: Leather and Synthetic

Sole Material: Rubber

Where to Buy From: Amazon

Free Shipping: No

Skecher’s Soft Stride Work Boots are also great work shoes designed to withstand heavy use through moderate conditions. These work boots conform to your unique feet shape and arches over time. These shoes have a composite toe, making it lighter than your average steel toe boots with customer without compromising security. With a customer average of 4.0, these boots are a great shoe for both janitorial and utility work.

Model: Reebok Work Men's Sublite Work

Price: $95-100

Toe: Steel

Material: Leather and Textile

Sole Material: Rubber

Where to Buy From: Amazon

Free Shipping: No

Reebok Work Men's Sublite Work Shoes are an interesting take on athletic safety shoes. It combines the responsiveness of a performance running shoe to slip resistant work. The sublite EVA cushion midsole reduce weight and cushion the inner soles. These shoes are comfortable to wear in every weather despite having a meshed top surface. While there are many other cost-effective work shoes on the market, Reebok remains a prime choice due to the comforts of an athletic shoe.

Model: Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Sport Alloy-Toe EH Industrial & Construction Shoe

Price: $95-100

Toe: Alloy

Material: Rip Stop Nylon

Sole Material: Synthetic

Where to Buy From: Amazon

Free Shipping: Yes

Timberland also offers their own version of an athletic work shoe: Their shoes feature alloy safety toes, breathable mesh linings, electrical hazard protection & anti-fatigue technology combine for ultimate low-profile comfort & protection. This shoe is great for utility work as it meets the ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 and ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard standards to provide secondary underfoot protection against the hazards of stepping on live electrical circuits, electrically energized conductors, parts, or apparatus.

If you have tried any of these shoes and want to provide feedback, let us know in the comments below!



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