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Elevate Your Facility: Spring Cleaning Tips for Commercial Buildings Part 1

Building Interior

As spring approaches, it is time to rejuvenate your commercial space with a comprehensive spring cleaning. Are you ready to ensure your building is in top shape for the season? Let us dive into some essential tips that facilities managers should not miss.

Restroom Deep Cleaning:

Restrooms are high-traffic areas that require special attention during spring cleaning. Aside from the routine daily cleaning, it is highly recommended that office or public restrooms are deep cleaned with disinfectant on a quarterly basis to disinfect and remove stains that may be difficult to clean with the average cleaning solutions. The entire restroom should be deep cleaned from ceiling to floor, especially all the hard-to-reach areas to prevent mold and mildew build up and maintain hygiene standards.

Lighting Fixture Cleaning:

Lighting fixtures may not need to be cleaned on a daily basis, but over time dust and debris can accumulate on lighting fixtures, reducing their brightness and efficiency. A thorough cleaning of light fixtures, including bulbs, lenses, and covers should be performed seasonally to ensure optimal illumination throughout your building.

Upholstery Cleaning:

Improve air quality and prolong the life of your furniture by scheduling professional upholstery cleaning. This not only eliminates odors but also prevents allergens and maintains the fresh look of your furnishings. We recommend that you work with a professional to schedule semi annual or annual upholstery cleaning.



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