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What Does Green Mean?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The word itself sounds lush, full of life, clean even, and is popping up in companies, on billboards and trending worldwide. Many people are curious, what exactly is ‘green’? How does a product or service qualify as green? How green is green? With concern growing over global warming, environmental pollutants and our own health and wellness, many individuals and companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by ‘going green’.

At SWA we are firm believers in doing our part for the greater good in a greener planet. Our cleaning techniques, big or small, are infused with processes to ensure optimal results with minimal effects on the environment. With the utilization of ECOLOGO certified green products, our staff can achieve a whole new level of clean, all the while using a product that is biodegradable, free of toxins, recyclable and health conscious for the end-user. What’s more, by implementing the use of a dilution control system, we eliminate waste and chance of human error in chemical dilution for your critical spaces. Even our machinery and equipment is eco-friendly, with various consumption features from energy, to water and chemical usage.

UL is the global independent safety science company behind the ECOLOGO certification. ECOLOGO and multi-attribute certifications tell the story of a product’s environmental performance throughout it’s life cycle. Products with the ECOLOGO stamp are proven to aide in reducing the impact on natural ecosystems, lower carbon emissions and minimize chemical exposure. All chemicals are subject to stringent testing in methods and standards, exposure risk, odor assessment and air sampling analysis.

While cleaning agents and chemicals are a big portion of our company, we know it’s not the whole piece of the pie. We strive for achieving green in numerous ways, and have implemented practices in our office environment to cut down on energy usage, and waste. Check out our shortlist, to see if you’re maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste in your office…

Install motion detectable light switches and panels

This cuts energy waste and cost when rooms aren’t in use

Utilize the cloud for company documents and resources

Save paper, ink and money by keeping these documents online

Purchasing laptops for office staff

Laptops are organically designed for energy efficiency due to their batteries, unlike office desktops

Motion activated faucet, soap, towel and sanitizer dispensers

Reduce your water waste with motion activated faucets in employee restrooms. In addition, by adding motion soap, sanitizer and towel dispensers, germ rates and employee illness drop dramatically



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