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Three Reasons to Switch to Recycled Carpet

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Though the average business replaces their carpet every 7-10 years, there are several factors that will impact how often you should replace yours. One indication is if the carpet looks visibly worn out with traffic patterns and the color has faded. Carpet stains may be a sign that spilled liquids have not been properly cleaned and may be susceptible to growing mold. Don’t wait until there are evident problems to replace the carpet. Most carpet warranties only cover an average of seven years. Take the opportunity to switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative! Here are three reasons why recycled carpet may be every facility manager’s dream.

1. Environmentally Friendly - In a study by The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), the carpet industry produces nearly 12 billion square feet of carpet and rugs per year and 91% Carcinogenic chemical such as Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) were found in half of all carpet samples tested (6 out of 12). These chemicals are released into the environment during incineration.

Recycled carpet is typically made of recycled plastic water or soda bottles. Each square yard of recycled carpet keeps roughly 30 plastic soda bottles out of the landfill. When your recycled carpet has lived its natural lifespan, it can be turned into building products such as roof shingles and composite wood! By switching to recycled carpet, you’re unknowingly making a huge impact on conserving our landfill space.

2. High Durability - Most recycled carpets are extremely durable in high traffic areas and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. PET polyester carpet is one such carpet and is made from recycled soda and water bottles. It is naturally stain, wear, and fade resistant. PET carpets also do not absorb moisture and thus lower risks of molding underneath.

3. Cost Effective - If you opt for recycled carpet tiles, you stand to benefit from a multitude of cost savings. Carpet tiles are much quicker and easier to install than the standard carpet roll. They can be installed on almost every type of surface without the need for padding or glue. Most tiles have natural stain resistance. Their modular design means that if you’re unable to remove the stain from a particular area, you can simply pull the tiles out and replace them. Recycled carpet’s high durability also means that carpet care and cleaning costs are astronomically lower than those of normal carpet.

Recycled carpet also costs less due to the CalRecycle Carpet Stewardship program. There is

a $0.05 per square yard stewardship assessment on any new carpet purchase.

The type of recycled carpet that would work best for you depends on the nature of your business and degree of foot traffic. Find out what type of recycled carpet would suit your floors and estimate how much you can save by switching today. Contact us for a quote or call us at (408) 938-8678.



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