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SWA Green — Why I chose a career in Bay Area Commercial Cleaning

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Angel Zamora, Director of Operations at SWA Services Group, answered some questions about why he chose to spend a lifelong career in janitorial services and the impact it has had in the Bay Area.

Of all the careers and industries to work in, why did you choose janitorial services?

I started working in the janitorial services in 1990 because most of my family was already in the industry. During my first year of work, I felt that there were many opportunities for growth in the future. Being promoted to Site Supervisor during my second year of service validated how I felt about the industry.

Were there any pivotal moments in your career?

I consider the promotion to Site Supervisor as a breaking point for the beginning of my career. Now, as the Director of Operations at SWA Services Group, I can safely say that the janitorial industry is rich with opportunities for professional growth.

People don’t necessarily think of janitorial services as a glamorous industry. How do you stay motivated in such a tough industry?

The janitorial industry is absolutely fascinating. There is always so much to do and I never get bored. Every single day has its own unique challenges and stories. Successful janitorial services requires collaboration to maintain the health and safety of our customers. If you believe in yourself and work hard, the opportunities are endless. Even now, I still have that mindset and hunger to continue advancing in this incredible industry.

How is SWA Services Group different from other building maintenance companies in the Bay Area?

Unlike other companies, SWA Services Group is run by a small team that loves what we do. Our team is on call 24/7 and maintains a high level of communication. The management team works closely with the supervisors and employees on every level. We actively listen to both our employees and customers to continuously improve on techniques and operations.

Customer satisfaction and employee well-being are our top priorities. SWA also maintains and builds a close relationship with suppliers and plans ahead of time to ensure that we stay clear of any supply chain issues.

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