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5 Tips For Cleaning Green In Your Workplace

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Start your summer off right by introducing green cleaning to your workplace. Cleaning green is environmentally friendly for not only the planet, but for our health and overall general well-being.

How can we participate with cleaning green in our day-to-day working environment? Here are simple tips that can guide you in the right direction to clean for green.

Green Cleaning Tips for your Workplace:

1. Switch to green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly such as:

  • Glass & Surface Cleaner USDA Bio preferred*

  • Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Restroom Cleaner USDA Bio preferred*

  • Eco-Friendly Fresh Mist Hard Surface Cleaner

For more information on these green products for your business, click here.

2. Replace any harsh or hazardous chemicals

Green cleaning products should not be hazardous. Research and understand the labels and ingredients on each product. This helps to evaluate which chemicals are best to use. Look for ingredients that reduce impact on the environment.

3. Use equipment that supports sustainability

Sustainable equipment is produced in a way that is not harmful to the environment and is often made from recycled materials. This means that the equipment can be energy efficient, durable, and require low maintenance. Investing in such equipment is a great benefit to your business.

4. Introduce plants to the office

Adding plants into the office environment can help to clean the air. Plants absorb indoor air pollutants and increase the air humidity. Air humidity increase can improve respiratory efficiency and skin health. Plants have many benefits to not only improve the environment but your health as well.

5. Identify the areas of opportunity to switch disposable items to reusable and paperless

Take a look around the workspace and notice any disposable items you see. Most likely, a good amount of those can be replaced to reusable items or changed into a paperless method. Make a list of these items and get creative with new ways to go paperless or to reuse certain office supplies.

Click to learn more detailed information from our previous blogs on the meaning of 'green' and why.

There are many ways to apply green cleaning into your workplace. We are here and can assist for recommendations and evaluating the best service program to fit your unique facility needs.

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