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Safety Tips: Damp Mopping

In our previous safety tip blog we covered the usage for upright vacuums. This is a continuation of that series, and we will be introducing the damp mop and the safety features.

Do it safely:

  • Use PPE: Always wear gloves and safety glasses

  • Use the correct amount of solution: Avoid using too much solution.

  • Place caution signs: Ensure wet floor signs are at every doorway and both ends to a hallway leading to the area being cleaned.


  • Remove mats: Vacuum, roll up, and move the mats out of the way.

  • Sweep or dust mop: Clean the entire floor, don’t forget the corners and edges.

  • Collect dust and debris: Use a dustpan to pick up dust and debris. 


  • Ensure caution signs are in place: Confirm that all wet floor signs are correctly positioned.

  • Divide larger areas: Breakdown larger areas into sections.

  • Soak and wring mop: Prevent excess dripping by soaking and wringing the mop properly.

  • Clean corners and edges first: Avoid forcing the mop into the corners.

  • Use proper technique: Damp mop high traffic areas using figure eight strokes. Stay away from the baseboards.

  • Rotate the mop: Turn the mop over every four to five strokes.

  • Change mop water regularly: Replace the mop water when it becomes dirty.


  • Check your work: Inspect areas for streaks or dirt

  • Wipe baseboards and doors: Clean any splashes on baseboards and doors.

  • Ensure no water accumulation: If necessary, use a dry mop to speed up drying in high-traffic areas.

  • Remove caution signs only when dry: Take down wet floor signs after the floor is completely dry. Do not remove them prematurely. 

  • Return all mats to their proper places: Place all mats back in their proper positions.

  • Clean equipment: Clean and hang the equipment to dry.

Stay tuned for more safety tips from SWA in the future blogs to come. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us or email



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