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Remembering Rebecca Boylan

In 2019, Rebecca Boylan joined the SWA Services Group as the Director of Business Development. She was sweet, friendly, and empathetic to all staff members at SWA. Rebecca was incredible with our customers and played an integral role in helping us develop our team and grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outside of work, Rebecca was an avid golfer and active leader in multiple communities, including the South Valley Family YMCA and the Rotary Club. For years, she led the South Valley Family’s YMCA Annual Campaign to raise funds used to create opportunities for at-risk youths and families. She sadly passed away on July 24, 2021 from medical complications.

Rebecca saw potential in every child no matter what dream they had.

She recognized that not every child has access to the same resources and not all kids live in a safe, loving home. Rebecca chose to raise funds to help bring resources and protect all children living in the Hoffman-Via Monte neighborhood.

Rebecca forged relationships with City leaders to gain visibility of the challenges. Through the years she helped organize health fairs, community clean-up projects, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support hundreds of kids in the Hoffman-Via Monte neighborhood.

Though Rebecca is no longer with us, she lives on through her work and legacy. This year’s YMCA golf tournament’s fundraising is dedicated to Rebecca’s Kids. She touched the lives of all of us at SWA Services Group.



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