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How I ended up as the CEO of a janitorial company

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Solomon Wong has spent over 20 years of experience in Executive Business Management of small, midsize, and Fortune 50 Company. He grew up in the Bay Area and attended San Jose State University for his undergrad, and graduated from Golden Gate University and UCLA Anderson School of Management with a MBA and MDE respectively. He is currently the CEO of SWA Services Group, a building maintenance and janitorial company that services the Bay Area.

How did you get into janitorial services? I enjoy working with people, whether they are customers or employees. I initially started my career in high tech at HP as a business analyst specializing in financial management. I worked there for eight years before joining ACME, a janitorial company, as the CFO in 1997. This helped jumpstart my passion for this industry. ACME was later on acquired by GCA Services where I worked as a Regional Vice President.

How did SWA Services Group get started? How is it different from other janitorial companies?

SWA Services Group originally started off as a company called Pacific Rims Building Services. I acquired this company in 2010 and changed the name to SWA Services Group.

Our main objective is to be the building maintenance company that serves mid size companies and to provide a single point of contact for all facility needs. SWA has a quality matrix based on customer & employee satisfaction, safety program, and provides consistent service. We are constantly adapting and learning to improve our programs.

What does SWA Services Group mean? The “SWA” in SWA Services Group stands for “Solomon Wong & Associates.” When I chose the name SWA Services Group, I thought about all the people around me — the key personnel and the people that are close to me.

My parents had nine children. As the youngest in such a large family, I had prove myself to stand out and I've always worked hard. My success is largely due to support and unwavering faith of those who stood beside me and helped me grow.

How has SWA Services Group given back to the community? Since day one, SWA has always been supportive of local communities such as the YMCA, HOPE Services, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts. We have also donated first generation immigrant education foundations, churches, temples, and provided complimentary services to non profit organizations.

Why do green chemicals matter?

Environmental responsibility is very important. We have one world and life to live, and should all need to do our part to help the environment. If everyone chips in, it creates a positive impact that will build the foundations for a better future for our children.

During COVID-19, how did SWA keep its workers safe?

We care deeply about the wellbeing of our employees. We stayed updated on the CDC, local, and state guidelines. In addition, our management staff maintained good communication to provide employees with effective PPE and constant education on the different variances and preventative measures.

During a time where PPE was not easily accessible or available, my family helped sew facemasks which were distributed to our employees for free. We keep emergency rapid COVID tests in the office for our employees to use. Where do you see the future of green cleaning headed in?

Environmental safety has always been a priority for humanity. Using the right chemical, equipment, and proper recycling procedures will continue to have a huge impact for years to come. This will become a part of our lifestyle for future generations.



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