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Five Essential Practices for Effective Commercial Cleaning

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

As an established facility manager (or cleaning enthusiast), you’ve most likely read countless blogs on what defines effective commercial cleaning. We’ve combed through all those blogs, taken out all the superfluous facts, and analyzed them with our 20+ years of commercial cleaning expertise to bring you the five essential practices for effective commercial cleaning.

  1. Deep clean your most frequently used items. This might not seem obvious, but personal items such as your keyboard and mouse, are some of dirtiest items in the office. A study from the University of Arizona found that there are up to 400 times more germs on your keyboard than your toilet! Dead skin cells, dust, and grime are some of the many particles you can find stuck in between your keyboard.

  2. Focus on high traffic areas. Entrances and common areas such as break rooms typically need the most cleaning. Make sure those door handles are being cleaned frequently! Hardwood and carpet floors require different types of pre-treatment and deep cleaning.

  3. Cross train your staff. Teaching your cleaning staff to do other types of jobs will not only help them learn new skill sets, but increase their value. It will help open more job opportunities for them. Most office cleaning jobs typically require two day or night porters. In the event of an absence, having a staff member who is capable of doing the job properly.

  4. Use the latest equipment and green cleaning products. Staying up to date on the latest tools and products can save you hundreds in the long run. Cheap cleaning equipment breaks down frequently and will require hours of repair time which can cost even more than high quality equipment in the long run. You should be aware of the upcoming additions to your janitorial closet.

  5. Maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. A consistent cleaning schedule does more than just hold your employees accountable. It might be difficult balancing schedules, inventory, and scope of work while putting out daily fires of your business. That’s why most mid-size and large companies choose to outsource their janitorial services.

Facility and Office Managers should understand how cleanliness can affect workplace productivity and overall employee well-being, and decide what small changes would work best for their facility. Learn how cleanliness can impact your employees, productivity, and overall health here.



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